It's mostly the same keyword i would say but it won't show on searches is women's 10 issues because you have not mentioned tennis anywhere in the keyword shoes for girls won't show with this you have gotten an understanding of the different types of keyword match types what are the terms that you need to know in google search to launch a campaign better also on why it is so important to launch a google search campaign and why it's important for any business out there then what are we waiting for let's quickly get started and see how to launch a google search campaign now without further ado let's quickly have a look at how to use the google ads2.

Now you learn how to do keyword research on the google ads tool and how to launch google search campaigns post that so let's quickly have a look at this all you have to do is visit and sign in using your gmail account so here what you can do is i already have a google ads account but so that you understand how to really do this I'm going to go ahead and set up a new google ads account so you can click on new google ads account here and here what you need to do is switch to expert mode so this is what you need to do to unlock all the features that are the search campaign display campaigns and have more control over your google ads account you need to switch to expert mode right in the beginning so you can just hit on the switch to export mode and here if you look at it the layout completely changes right so this is not exactly how it looks at the start maybe I'll just click on google ads to show you what it looks like from the start switch to export mode.

What you can do is once you click on the switch to the expert mode you can choose the objective that is you want to drive sales leads website traffic product and brand consideration or do you want just brand awareness or app promotion or local store visits or you can even create a campaign without a goals guidance so here if you look at it under each objective you can see the campaign types available for it so if you can see this there is search display shopping video smart and discovery type of campaigns within the sales objective so sales objective is when you want people to actually purchase something on your landing page leads could be a similar landing page but with like a lead form so your end objective is that someone actually fills the landing page lead form or website traffic could be just traffic to your website here you can see here also search campaign is available for product and brand consideration.

We don't really have the search option here for this type of campaign so what i'll do is i can either select sales or a website traffic and we can just go ahead and get started with that so let me just get started with sales and i'll select the campaign time which is search so we were looking at google search campaigns till now where you actually target people who are searching for a particular keyword on google search so i click on google search and my objective is to get website visits so i will enter the website name that is and then if you want to you can actually add a phone number if needed if you have a phone number if you are a store that will help better if you are have a phone number then you can definitely add phone calls as well but for now i'm just going to skip this and you can create a conversion action so if um whatever the objective of the particular campaign is that is if you want a sale the conversion action can be a sale a purchase conversion action if it's an add to cart that you want to do as a conversion action you can set that up but for now we will keep it basic so the default conversion action will be purchased of course and we just won't touch anything of this and we will just hit continue.

I will have to enter the campaign details the campaign name that i'm i will be using so my ideal approach this is of course my personal approach and you can use anything as a campaign name as long as you are able to identify what it means or what the campaign actually holds so for example i am going to use this campaign for digital marketing courses so it's best if i mention that in the campaign name as well and at times i do like to mention the type of campaign as well so i can mention like search campaigns with a sales objective on digital marketing courses on digital marketing i'll just keep it digital marketing and in this if you want to you can add a date or any other identifier that you would like to mention on the campaign name so for example of course you can change this at a different point too some people do mention the bidding type like is it maximized conversion is it maximize clicks of course i'll get to that at a later stage once you are doing this you will get a better understanding of that.

What you will need to do is you will enter the name and then you can select the network where it will appear so you can either select a google search so by default where it's going to show up in the google search engine itself that is whenever someone is searching on google search your ad will appear but what it includes by default is google search partners that are here you can just read that in google in other google sites when people search for terms relevant your keywords so according to me i don't really like to select that because I'm directly targeting the high intent audience in the google search engine itself but you can always select both of this there's no harm in doing that and you can also probably try it out and see if that works out for you.

Now let's just not use this and you can go to show more settings so here you can enter the start and end date of the campaign so by default it has put today's date June 24th but you can always schedule the campaign you can put it for tomorrow or like the next week what everyone should do and what i like to do is also put an end date so sometimes what happens is we just try out a new campaign we just try setting up a google ads account set up the payments and everything but we forget to put an end date we just try out a sample campaign and it just keeps running and burns your money so it's always better to be safe than sorry so i guess it's best to put an end date to the campaign especially if you are testing it out I'll just put an end date for the same date just in case there is some error or if i forget to pause the campaign at all.

I'll just put the same date at the end date but of course, if you have a plan for the campaign in the next month you can always start the campaign next month you can put an end date to it and some people do run it as an ongoing campaign in which case you don't have to put an end date at all just make sure that all the campaign settings are correct every when you launch the campaign and post that you can pause it whenever you want so here there are campaign URL options so if you want to understand uh campaign URLs if there is something specific that you want to mention in the URL that is if you want to mention the source of the campaign that is when someone is landing on your website.


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