You don't have to have an in-depth technology or a coding experience you can just get started and create your own landing page but this is absolutely necessary for you to launch a google display network campaign you will have to have a website that you will need to enter to get started with a campaign the third is display assets what are the assets that you want to show your prospective customers is it a text is it an image is it a video of course text and video are only available on responsive display campaigns so what is that asset that your prospective customer needs to see so you need to first collate that asset you need to get those images ready what are the sizes that google supports for display campaign you need to get that in place and then get started with your campaign the fourth is a google ads account.

You need to have a google ads account and that's quite self-explanatory that is if you have to launch a google display campaign you have to launch it on google ads so all you need to do is go to it's a simple procedure you just have to set up your payments and then you can even start with a very small budget i think the minimum budget is about 500 indian rupees and you just have to make that payment and you can get started with your google ads as soon as possible the fifth one is an audience setup so this is only needed if you are looking at setting up remarketing so if you are a business that has been running for over a few months say you just have been running for about 30 days or even lesser if you want you can get started and set up your audience as well if you're looking at remarketing to your customers but that is not really compulsory for this video you can skip that process as well but it's always good even when you're starting out to set up your audiences as well so that at a later stage you can reap the benefits of your campaign.

I hope I've set the basics quite clear i hope you've gotten a quick understanding of how we can use google display network campaigns why you need google display network and the amount of reach the capacity of gdn the power of Google that you can unleash through google display network now what are we waiting for let's quickly have a look at how to set up and campaigns so now you are looking at my google ads dashboard this is my sample account where i run demos of google ads campaigns so here we are in the overview tab where we can see the overview of the last all-time data so I'm looking at all-time data so i can also filter the data over here last seven days so i haven't run any campaigns in the past seven days so you can see that there's nothing here for the past seven days so some of you when you start with the google ads dashboard you will see a different view something like this.

If you want to switch it i don't prefer this view i don't think most people use this view so what you can do is you can click on switch view and you can come to this view where you can see recommendation insights campaign ad group all the data on the side you have all these tabs on your left side so to get started with a new campaign we can click on new campaign here or you can go to the campaigns tab where you can see all the campaigns that you have run in the past you can filter the date range here you can enable the campaigns by clicking on this so these are paused campaigns if they are green it means that they are enabled so i will go ahead and pause them i don't want to spend my monies unnecessarily so let's quickly get started and see how to launch a google display network campaign so you will have to click on new campaign and you will have to see which goal suits you best like we discussed earlier you will have to find out which is the goal that's most suited for your business is it sales so you have the display campaign type over here.

You can use the sales objective that is website sales if you are a store that allows transactions on the website you can use the sales objective or do you have a lead form on your website are you a real estate company or a car company that wants to drive leads on your website then if your landing page suggests leads or it has a lead form then you can also use a lead generation method you can use leads objective or is your objective website traffic probably your are blogging and you want to just drive people to your website and see what content you have put out there so here as well there is the display campaign type available for product and brand consideration the display type is not available.

You cannot use that what you can use is the brand awareness and reach so if you're just looking at building brand awareness you want people to see that your brand is there put your message out there google has 90 percent of the internet users as an audience base for gdm so you can, of course, use this for brand awareness and reach app promotion you will not be able to use local store visits and promotions you cannot use display campaign type you can see that here the display campaign type is not available what you can also do is create a campaign without a goal's guidance say you don't feel that it fits into any of these goals then you can create it without a goals guidance or if you feel it's a mix of all these goals if it's a mix of website traffic and brand awareness you can use one without a goals guidance also which is completely up to you so here I'm going to select the sales objective.

I'll be using the great learning website and i think that maybe the website sales could be an option that we could try out next we select the campaign type and in here i think it's quite clear which one to select we have been talking about gdn campaigns display campaigns there is no reason why we would select any other campaign in this specific video so we will go ahead and select display option here so here like we discussed there are three options there is a smart display campaign option where you don't have to enter the targeting or bidding options google completely decides it on its own it's quite straightforward quite simple the steps are similar to how we use a standard display campaign but we don't really have to deep dive too much into it because i feel that you only need some display asset for that that is it's not too complicated once you learn how to launch a standard display campaign.

It's quite simple to do a smart display campaign it's just the same thing without a lot of steps in between so you can just remove a few steps in between and you can easily learn how to do a smart display campaign so in this video we will cover a standard display campaign instead you can also see that there's a Gmail campaign available and like i mentioned starting July 1st we won't be able to create this sort of a campaign that's why i have not covered this particular segment in this video so you can create it in a discovery campaign is what it's mentioned so the campaign type itself is going to be different you can create a discovery campaign on google and target users on Gmail so here you quickly enter the website name I'm just gonna enter the great learning website i will verify if this is correct.


  1. You don't have to have an in-depth technology or a coding experience you can just get started and create your own landing page but this is absolutely necessary for you to launch a google display network campaign you will have to have a website that you will need to enter to get started with a campaign the


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